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TOPIC "Industry 4.0 for a Sustainable World (Chemical industry, Water treatment and hydropower, Renewable energy sources – wind, Renewable energy sources – solar)".


Each participating school has its' own subtopic:

  • Chemical industry (Gymnazium Teplice, CZ)

  • Renewable energy sources – wind (SZ Geschwister Scholl, Bremerhaven, DE)

  • Renewable energy sources – solar (La Salle-Buen Consejo, Puerto Real ES)

  • Water treatment and hydropower (Siauliai Didzdvario Gymnasium LT)

Some data were received using Google Drive from partners to compare the industry 4.0 between countries till the meeting in September in Spain.


Each country has done certain measurements and experiments to answer research questions of their own subtopics that was compared and discussed between different participant groups in the final meeting- online conference in December 2020.

Presentation of the Final Project was held online on 9th-11th December 2020 via Teams platform by Siauliai Didzdvario Gymnasium LT.

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